Jono Alderson

Exceptional technical SEO
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Hello. Nice to meet you.

I'm an award-winning, world-leading SEO expert.

I help brands to compete on technical SEO, performance, and structured data.

Hire me as a consultant

I’ve worked with some of the world’s biggest brands to improve their websites, acquire more customers, grow, and prepare for the future.

I’m a globally recognised expert in digital strategy, SEO, analytics, WordPress, web performance, structured data, marketing technology, conversion rate optimisation and more.

From helping to define your strategic direction, to providing hands-on support to speed up your website, I'm the consultant you need.

Some of my thinking.

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The video games that made us

Like me, some of the most prominent, successful, and forward-thinking SEOs and digital marketers in the world are huge gamer geeks. Games shaped how we think, and how we work. These are the video games that made us.


11th May, 2024

Airport Resilience

How resilient is your brand, if you're silently, invisibly, and immeasurably failing your audience? You'll never know, because all you'll see is decreasing reach, increasing costs of acquisition, and your competitors eating your lunch.


1st December, 2023

WordPress vs WordPress

There’s been a lot of drama in the WordPress community this week, as people are questioning the relationship of and in Google’s search results.


16th September, 2023

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I'm available for hire as an independent consultant, specialising in technical SEO, performance optimisation, and structured data.

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📢 Public speaking

I'm a prolific public speaker, keynoting events on topics ranging from SEO and analytics, to site speed and technology, brand strategy, and more.

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What do people say about me?

Jono is not “just” one of the world’s best SEOs, he’s one of the world’s best digital marketers. He has a profound understanding of the needs of consumers, organizations and – and this is what makes him truly unique – the tech behind the web.

Joost de Valk

Joost de Valk

Founder, Yoast SEO

Jono is clearly an expert in his field especially when handling sites at scale and complexity such as ours. While uncovering a few site hygiene and content quality issues, he was always available to advise our engineering teams with ease and felt like part of the team.

Chee Lo

Chee Lo

Head of SEO, Trustpilot

Jono is incredibly smart, but he is also one of the best communicators that I have ever met. He’s able to distil complex, technical concepts into something that anyone could understand. He sees marketing strategies in all of their nuances and can think 5 steps ahead, to know all that needs to be planned for, downstream.

Cindy Krum

Cindy Krum

Founder & CEO, MobileMoxie

Quite simply, Jono is the maestro of technical SEO. He is the person I turn to first for an expert opinion because of his deep understanding of how to translate the needs of brands into relevant actions. For no-nonsense, well-documented, tactical optimisations that will actually impact KPIs, Jono is the right consultant.

Jes Sholz

Jes Sholz

Group CMO, Ringier AG