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Silence is golden; security vs SEO?

One of WordPress' most basic security features creates a tricky SEO challenge. Empty files designed to protect against directory traversal leave behind dozens of dead end and headaches.


27th February, 2021

The agency triangle

Most conventional businesses are subject to the laws of the project management triangle. But agencies and consultants have an extra challenge.


29th February, 2020

Google have to improve their structured data reporting

Google's structured data reports are increasingly confusing, misleading, and are going to become worse over time.


30th December, 2019

Tackling toxic profile spam on

I've discovered something rotten at the core of the website, which is poisoning the whole web.


3rd October, 2019

Website Security: Sensitive docs, robot blocks, and file-system locks

There’s a potential security flaw buried deep in millions of websites. Is yours exposing sensitive business information and documents?


19th October, 2018

How to do SEO in the year 20xx

It's the same as it's always been. You need to try harder. To do better. To improve everything about your business.


19th April, 2018

Digital Marketing is dead: survival tips for what comes next (Part 1)

In a world where customers neither want nor need to visit your website - when they can find what they want elsewhere - what happens next?


7th April, 2018

Blurring the Line Between CDN and CMS

Cloudflare's new "Workers" product provides the ability to write arbitrary JavaScript, which executes between the request and response.


10th October, 2017