How to do SEO in 2018 (and 2019, and forever)

Do more than just supply a commodity to consumers who’re already ready to buy. Build a differentiated brand. Tell a compelling story. Stand out from the competition, and stand for something meaningful. Engage with, and in, the communities your audiences are in. Add value to conversations. Understand your audience’s questions and pain points, and solve for them. Provide value to audiences who’ll […]

Digital Marketing is dead: survival tips for what comes next (Part 1)

In the coming years, everything that we know about marketing and advertising will be challenged. New technologies, changes in consumer behaviour, and the rise of intelligent personal assistants will make-or-break brands, organisations, and marketers. As practitioners, we’ll need to change how we think, and start preparing now. Here’s why. There’s a technical revolution underway Once upon a time, we […]

Must-have WordPress plugins

Whilst WordPress gets a lot right out of the box, there’s always room for enhancement, customisation, and extension. Whilst every site is unique and has different requirements, I frequently find myself turning to the same set of foundational plugins to help manage data structures, performance and administrative tasks. Here are my must-haves (in no particular order), which help […]

Why SEO agencies need to focus on expertise, not execution

I recently dipped my toe into a discussion on Twitter by @CodrutTurcanu around what brands should consider when outsourcing SEO to agencies, and what to avoid. I wrote a quick response suggesting that brands should consider why they’re outsourcing, rather than what. When Codrut asked me to expand on this sentiment, it got me thinking and forced me to crystallise some […]

What the Walking Dead taught me about the future of consumer loyalty

The digital revolution has eroded my attention span. It’s made me impatient. It’s saturated my waking hours with distractions, media, advertising, and content. I live in a constant barrage of stuff, vying for my attention around the clock. But I’m starting to fight back. I don’t want to just react to what’s pushed at me. So I’m reclaiming […]