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There’s no such thing as a Site Migration

Businesses 'migrate' websites and platforms all the time. But what does that mean, exactly? And, why does it always go so wrong? We need better, more consistent, terminology.

1st April, 2017

What the Walking Dead taught me about the future of consumer loyalty

In a world of unlimited options but limited differentiation, brands will need to learn to stand out from the crowd.

26th March, 2017

The analytics challenges of tomorrow…

As the complexity of data collection, storage and processing decreases, analysts will need to shift their focus to answering business questions - and training machines to help them do so.

3rd March, 2017

My WordPress ‘cleanup’ script

Code to standardise awkward behaviours, remove superfluous settings, and enhance some default functions and approaches.

13th May, 2015

Think you survived Mobilegeddon? Think again.

Think again. Because… Your site is slow. Thousands of visitors each month land on or reach error pages, ‘out of stock’ messages, empty URLs and dead ends. Visitors frequently find the wrong products or services when they search, or content with incorrect or outdated information. They find pages targeted at the wrong country, currency or […]

26th April, 2015

Help! My developer won’t implement / wants to remove / objects to my redirects.

A client recently asked me to chip in on a debate they were having with an internal tech team about retiring old 301 redirects. Concerns had been raised about aging and legacy CMS functionality which needed to be replaced, and as part of this process, the IT folks pushed to remove (and not replace) the thousands of redirects which the system was […]

11th December, 2014

The golden age Of SEO?

I think that our industry is the best that it’s ever been, but, perhaps, also the best that it’ll ever be. Is it only downhill from here? Our industry is at a pivotal moment. We’re in a time where the people, agencies and brands which truly understand, practice and reap the rewards of SEO have […]

27th April, 2014

Letting go of yesterday

In advertising and marketing, campaign performance – and by extension, success – is almost universally measured in the context of comparison to previous campaigns. The answer to “How did we do?” is invariably phrased in terms of “This campaign delivered X% more than that campaign“, or “We had Y% less traffic this week than this week last […]

18th September, 2013