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How to do SEO in the year 20xx

It's the same as it's always been. You need to try harder. To do better. To improve everything about your business.


19th April, 2018

Digital Marketing is dead: survival tips for what comes next (Part 1)

In a world where customers neither want nor need to visit your website - when they can find what they want elsewhere - what happens next?


7th April, 2018

Blurring the Line Between CDN and CMS

Cloudflare's new "Workers" product provides the ability to write arbitrary JavaScript, which executes between the request and response.


10th October, 2017

Why SEO agencies need to focus on expertise, not execution

Does outsourcing SEO to agencies work any more? Did it ever? What should they be doing for their money, exactly? Times are changing.


7th April, 2017

There’s no such thing as a Site Migration

Businesses 'migrate' websites and platforms all the time. But what does that mean, exactly? And, why does it always go so wrong? We need better, more consistent, terminology.


1st April, 2017

What the Walking Dead taught me about the future of consumer loyalty

In a world of unlimited options but limited differentiation, brands will need to learn to stand out from the crowd.


26th March, 2017

The analytics challenges of tomorrow…

As the complexity of data collection, storage and processing decreases, analysts will need to shift their focus to answering business questions - and training machines to help them do so.


3rd March, 2017

My WordPress ‘cleanup’ script

Code to standardise awkward behaviours, remove superfluous settings, and enhance some default functions and approaches.


13th May, 2015