Letting go of yesterday

In advert­ising and market­ing, campaign perform­ance – and by exten­sion, success – is almost univer­sally meas­ured in the context of compar­ison to previ­ous campaigns. The answer to “How did we do?” is invari­ably phrased in terms of “This campaign delivered X% more than that campaign”, or “We had Y% less traffic this week than this week last[…]

See, Think, Don't: A response to Avinash's marketing framework

Avinash Kaushik, whom I have an enorm­ous amount of respect for as a marketer, a speaker and an educator, has posted a summary of a new frame­work for digital market­ing strategy and meas­ure­ment. It’s great. Superb. Perfect, and unequi­voc­ally right. A conjunc­tion of all of the content market­ing, RCS and inbound philo­sophies into an eleg­ant model. However, it’s just unachiev­able. Real[…]

Advanced PDF tracking

Many websites, espe­cially in B2B or long purchase cycle scen­arios, rely heav­ily on PDFs as part of their conver­sion process, reassurance/​validation content, and SEO strategy (gener­ally contain­ing white papers, case stud­ies, etc). Typic­ally, the effect­ive­ness of these resources is meas­ured in two ways – from an SEO/​rankings perspect­ive, and from meas­ur­ing how frequently links to the[…]