October 31, 2015

Site Auditing

As an international speaker and expert on topics ranging from of website optimisation and technical SEO to general performance boosting and producing technical audits which get buy-in, there’s a lot that I can offer to brands.

I specialise in technical site audits, WordPress performance optimisation, and rolling up my sleeves to execute hands-on improvements. I can spot issues and opportunities, and document (and support the implementation) solutions for problems on anything from small business websites to international digital hubs.

Whether you’re an organisation who’d like documentation on how they can push their website harder and faster, or an SEO expert wanting a second pair of eyes and hands to dial it up to 11, I’m happy to help.

Whilst this isn’t my day-job, I periodically take on site audits and performance boosting challenges as freelance projects in my spare time. My rates are negotiable, and more often than not, I’m happy to help out in exchange for the promise of drinks, favours, and contra-deals.

If you’d like me to cast my eyes over your website, reverse-engineer a technical SEO or performance challenge you have, or to add an extra 20% to your own work, don’t hesitate to get in touch.