WordPress vs WordPress

There’s been a lot of drama in the WordPress community this week, as people are questioning the relationship of wordpress.org and wordpress.com in Google’s search results.


16th September, 2023

Silence is golden; security vs SEO?

One of WordPress' most basic security features creates a tricky SEO challenge. Empty files designed to protect against directory traversal leave behind dozens of dead end and headaches.


27th February, 2021

Tackling toxic profile spam on WordPress.org

I've discovered something rotten at the core of the WordPress.org website, which is poisoning the whole web.


3rd October, 2019

Website Security: Sensitive docs, robot blocks, and file-system locks

There’s a potential security flaw buried deep in millions of websites. Is yours exposing sensitive business information and documents?


19th October, 2018

My WordPress ‘cleanup’ script

Code to standardise awkward behaviours, remove superfluous settings, and enhance some default functions and approaches.


13th May, 2015